St. Andrew’s School of Medicine, Tobago

Become a First Class Physician

Skilled Lecturers

Our lecturers present the material in a clear and logical sequence helping to
make the material accessible, intelligible and meaningful.
The subject matter is covered in its entirety and adequately.
The lexturers are trained to be constructive and helpful in their criticism.
Our lecturers ensure to pace the lecture appropriately and
include material not readily accessible in textbooks.
The practical applications of the theory are highlighted.
By showing enthusiasm for the subject they
generate curiosity about the lecture material early in the lecture, which aids the learning process.

Scholarship Facility

Scholarship applicants will be considered on a case by case basis, for students of exceptional and outstanding academic records.

Book Library & Store

Our medical library is developed to assist students in finding health and scientific information to improve, not only their understanding, but also the application of Medical knowledge in the real world. The library will have institutional access to MEDLINE for eg. as well as other digital libraries,a range of electronic resources, hard and soft journal collections, and reference books.

Welcome To Professional Education Teaching and Training

The school aims to ensure the all-round success of each student, making individual provisions which will allow each student to learn and succeed.

The school is located on the lovely island of Tobago with it’s main campus run from the teaching facilities at the Scarborough General Teaching Hospital.

The St Andrew’s School of Medicine is currently in the process of finalizing Registration with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago.

The school will run two programs, the Premed program and the Doctorate of Medicine program.